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White Bermuda Onion Plants

Availability: Out of Season
Out of Season
White, Sweet, OP
  • 50-75 White Bermuda onion plants per bunch
  • White, Flat Shape, Sweet, Open Pollinated
  • Size Potential: 3-4"
  • Storage Potential: 2 months
  • Days to Harvest: 85-95
  • Also known as Crystal Wax
  • Our green onion recommendation!

White Bermuda onion plants are our recommendation for early green onions as they produce a nice white, large scallion in just 30 days! This heirloom variety was grown by our great-grandfather in 1913 when he planted some of the first onions in the Bermuda colony by our farm. The seed was brought over from the Canary Islands and quickly put our area on the map as one of the largest onion growing regions with this sweet, flat onion. Also known as a cocktail onion, the Crystal Wax, or White Bermuda onion produces a smaller white onion with mild-flavored, flat bulbs. White Bermuda onions are a great onion to use as a green onion, in soups, stews, and pickling. Some garden centers sell this variety as the Texas Sweet.

Onion Plant Prices for 2021

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2 reviews
As a child
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 16, 2009
I remember as a child my great uncle grew Bermuda Onions and I loved them. As a kid I hated onions because they were hot. Bermuda's were alway sweet - never hot. I haven't had a Bermuda since and had heard they were no longer available. Will try them again.

Childhood Memories
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 21, 2008
This is my favorite onion. My grandmother grew this variety on her farm and we ate it mostly as a green onion and as it is first bulbing. As kids we would take the salt shaker into the garden, pull our onion we were thinning, peel it and eat it right in the garden. We would still grow some of them out to full sized onions for later use. I was so excited to see that Dixondale farms still carries it and I have bought it from them for a few years now. Now my children love eating them out of the garden. Thanks for keeping this great hierloom variety!