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Traditional Shallots

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Traditional Shallots
  • Red to brown in color, round shaped, hybrid
  • Size Potential: up to 2" wide
  • Storage Potential: Approximately 7-8 months
  • Days to Harvest: 110-120

Shallots have great storage potential! A traditional shaped shallot with slightly higher shoulders like French Shallots. Red rust colored skin and light pink flesh with bulbs measuring up to 2". Add shallots to any dish for great flavor! Each bunch of shallots contains 50-60 plants. Traditional shallots are a true long day variety that will grow best in the northernmost areas of the country.

Onion Plant Prices for 2019

(based on total no. of bunches)

Each bunch contains 50-75 plants. Onion plant varieties can be mixed when determining total price of bunches. Each order cannot be split to ship to multiple addresses.

  • 01 $12.00
  • 02 $17.50
  • 03 $21.75
  • 04 $26.00
  • 05 $30.00
  • 06 $34.50
  • 07 $38.50
  • 08 $42.80
  • 09 $46.80
  • 10 $50.00
  • 11 $52.80
  • 12 $55.20
  • 13 $57.20
  • 14 $60.20
  • 15 $63.00
  • 16 $65.60
  • 17 $68.00
  • 18 $70.20
  • 19 $72.20
  • 20 $74.00
  • 21 $75.60
  • 22 $78.10
  • 23 $80.50
  • 24 $82.80
  • 25 $85.00
  • 26 $87.10
  • 27 $89.10
  • 28 $91.00
  • 29 $92.80
  • 30 $94.50

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After 30 bunches, the pricing starts over. In addition to their standard shipping charges both UPS and Fedex charge a 5.2% fuel surcharge, $3.50 residential delivery surcharge, a dimensional weight surcharge, and $3.80 delivery area surcharge on each package, so we must charge each order over 30 as a separate shipment. For example, a 45 bunch order will be priced as a 30 bunch order and a 15 bunch order.

Case lot pricing is for single variety cases. $85.05 for 1 case (save 10%), $80.33 for 2-9 cases (save 15% per case), $75.60 for 10-19 cases (save 20% per case), and $70.88 for 20 or more (save 25% per case). When we import your order, the price of the case lots will be adjusted to reflect the discounted price for single variety cases.

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4 reviews
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Mar 16, 2019
We are a customer of Dixondale for 3-4 years now, and greatly enjoy their products. We live in the Appalachian Mountains of SW Virginia, and their Intermediate Day onions such as COPRA are great. They are far superior in quality and last much longer than the no name onion plants available at the big box stores. Last year we tried the Shallot and, could not be happier with the fresh and the stored flavor, and the storage life is great. We ran out in February, with no spoilage. We will plant more in 2019, as others have noted it seems like this is a good option to bridge the gap to when you have green or fresh onions in summer. Have called or emailed Dixondale a few times, been very pleased with the response and conversation. Great people, great product - hope they never change.
JW Bixby

Great Shallots
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 20, 2018
I have been growing shallots for years, and last year decided to buy sets from Dixondale. They were easy and problem free to grow, and uniformly of nice size, 2inches and larger. We love them because they actually last in storage until my new onions are ready; they are great to cook with. Dixondale has been supplying me with quality onion, leek, and now shallot plants for years, customer service is great. I highly recommend the company and their plants. I am probably responsible for several new customers from my area because I talk so highly about these plants and the company.
Gerald Nelson

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 20, 2018
These are by far the BIGGEST shallots I have ever grown - or seen for that matter! They grew quickly, and evenly, with absolutely no issues (except for my chickens scratching them up). They also taste FANTASTIC! I will absolutely order these again.
Pamela Martinelli

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 24, 2018
So easy to grow and the fresh taste can't be beat!
David Denham