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Blush Onion Plants

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Pink, Storage, Hybrid
  • 50-75 Blush onion plants per bunch
  • Pink, Globe Shape, Slightly Pungent, Hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3-4"
  • Storage Potential: 4-6 months
  • Days to Harvest: 100-110

This was our new introduction in 2020 and was a big success! This unique cross between a yellow and red onion has a delicate, pink internal structure. Very popular in French markets. Tight brownish to pink champagne skin dries down quickly. Internally the rings are light purple to pink, which are sweet with a bit of pungency. Grows very vigorous foliage and is widely adaptable to most northern growing areas. Stores well!

Onion Plant Prices for 2021

(based on total no. of bunches)

Each bunch contains 50-75 plants. Onion plant varieties can be mixed when determining total price of bunches. Each order cannot be split to ship to multiple addresses.

  • 01 $13.45
  • 02 $19.90
  • 03 $24.90
  • 04 $30.60
  • 05 $35.50
  • 06 $40.20
  • 07 $44.45
  • 08 $48.80
  • 09 $53.10
  • 10 $57.00
  • 11 $60.50
  • 12 $63.60
  • 13 $66.30
  • 14 $68.60
  • 15 $72.00
  • 16 $75.20
  • 17 $78.20
  • 18 $81.00
  • 19 $83.60
  • 20 $86.00
  • 21 $88.20
  • 22 $90.20
  • 23 $92.00
  • 24 $93.60
  • 25 $95.00
  • 26 $96.20
  • 27 $97.20
  • 28 $98.00
  • 29 $98.60
  • 30 $99.90

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5 reviews
Follow up: Blush onions Review Aug 31, 2020
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 4, 2021
After harvest I dried these onions very well, and stored them in a cool, dark basement room. It is now April 04, 2021, and I still have a dozen or so left, with no ign of deterioration. This is a pretty and mild tasting onion - highly recommended. My garden is just west of Seattle. Bainbridge Island, Wa Thanks again!
Michael McCann

Good solid onion choice
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 11, 2021
Blush has been a pleasant surprise. A nice looking all around onion that works well in salads as well as for cooking. The color is very nice, like a large shallot. They weren't the biggest onions but with the hot dry summer we had I was happy with the medium size. While not an ultra long keeper they do seem to keep well for a while, I still have some good ones left in January.CANTON, SOUTH DAKOTA
Tim Jones

Our new favorite
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 20, 2020
We have been getting our onions from Dixondale for more that a decade. Decided to try Blush for something different--we were blown away by its flavor. This onion is great raw and cooked--is versatile and delicious. Homeworth, Ohio

Blush onions
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 31, 2020
I gave up some of my Ailsa Craig space to try these Blush onions this year. They grew well in my area (near Seattle), producing plump, firm and pretty onions. These onions are on the mild size, and taste very good cooked on a BBQ, pickled and raw. Can't comment on storage, as they haven't been out of the ground too long, and we may not have any left to store! Would definitely like to try more next year. With alternating white and red rings, they present very well. Thank you for making them available. Bainbridge Island, Wa
Michael McCann

Nice onion
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 7, 2020
Grew these for 2020 along with Copras, Sterlings, Red River, Highlanders. Followed Dixondale's advice about fertlizing every 2 weeks with Ammonium Sulfate until they start to bulb. Planted second week of April. Harvested most by the last week of July. Average size is 3.5" diameter which is a nice medium large onion. I can't comment on their storage life as it's August. Lost about 5% of the plants. Would get these again.
Bill Smith