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You are now taking orders for the 2020-2021 season. Shipping begins in early November but we will ship everything besides plants immediately if that is all you order. If you are a new customer we strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletters which have tremendous amounts of information to take the mystery out of growing onions. Dixondale Farms has been providing onion plants throughout the US for 108 years and WE KNOW ONIONS. Located in South Texas along the Mexico border, we are a family farm operation devoted to serving our customers. Dixondale Farms strives to provide the highest quality plants and customer service available. We are available year-round for all your onion growing needs.

Selecting Onion Plant Varieties

The size of the onion bulb is dependent upon the number and size of the green leaves or tops at the time of bulbing. For each leaf, there will be a ring of onion. The larger the leaf, the larger the ring will be when the carbohydrates from the leaves are transferred to the rings of the bulb. The triggering of this transfer or bulbing is dependent upon daylength and temperature and not the size or age of the plants. When selecting your onion varieties, remember that the further north you are, the more hours of daylight you have during the summer. Planting the right variety at the right time will produce larger bulbs.

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Planting at the Right Time

Planting at the correct time for your area is crucial to your onion growing success. Dixondale Farms provides an Onion Planting Zip Code Chart each year with recommended ship weeks by Zip Code. Referring to this chart for your ship week will ensure plants arrive at the proper time for you to plant to grow huge onions. Watch this video as Bruce "The Onionman" Frasier explains proper planting times for onion plants.

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