Yellow Granex

Yellow Granex

  • Yellow, semi-flat, sweet, hybrid
  • Size Potential: Up to 5"
  • Storage Potential: Approximately 1 month
  • Days to Harvest: 100

This variety was developed right here in Carrizo Springs, Texas by basically crossing the 1015 and the Bermuda to make a deep, flat onion. You may not get them as sweet as the famous Vidalia, Georgia onion, but they will be the sweetest variety in your garden. This variety was approved through vigorous testing to be allowed to be called a Vidalia onion. Each variety has to be submitted every two years and approved by their committee. Only approved yellow granex strains are permitted in the 17 county region. This is also the variety grown in Maui, Hawaii and around Tyler, Texas, where it is called the "Noonday Onion." It stores fairly well for this type of onion at approximately1-2 months.

We planted the first crop of yellow granex back in the 1960s and were the first to ship any plants to Vidalia. Now we grow over 100 million of these just to be transplanted in Vidalia. They will probably never admit they had their start in Texas, but we know the truth!

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Customer Reviews of Yellow Granex

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Onions for Neighbors 
posted by Ron Wilson Ocala, Fl on 2015-10-22 13:50:49
I grow two bunches of Yellow Granex for the neighbors. All onions are consumed and I enjoy their satisfaction. Enjoy watching the growth when the days get longer in February. Ron Wilson
Great product!! 
posted by Gardner Farms Centerville/Middleton, TX on 2015-01-21 10:44:18
We bought our sets from Dixondale Farms for the first time last spring of 2014 and planted 15,000 on our produce farm. Nearly all of the patch were sold right in our front yard's farm stand or at our local Leon Co.Farmer's Market. They were that popular!! Customers raved about the sweetness and juiciness of the onions. We will be buying from Dixondale Farms for many years to come!!
Great Product 
posted by Pat D on 2014-04-21 10:55:15
Second year I have grown these in southwest Florida. Planted in late Dec and have just finished harvesting. Of 500 plants planted I only lost about 10 or so. Last year I was able to cold store them after curing (refrigerator kept at about 45 degrees) for 8 months.
1st time onion grower 
posted by Mo Harding on 2013-08-19 20:08:49
Wow! I learned so much about onions this year, like the wonder of homegrown sweets. Grew granex and southern belle in southern Ca. I'm sorry I gave so many away because I'm out. Getting ready to order in Nov. from Dixondale. Great company!San Diego, Ca
Best onion to date 
posted by Al Conrad on 2012-09-30 22:00:52
This onion did extremely well in my coastal NC garden. I will try some of the others in 2013 but this beautiful flat yellow onion kept well and was so sweet we consumed nearly all of them raw. Sadly today we had our very last one from our Feb 20th planting. We planted flat 20 inch rows with two rows of plants , one on either side. In the middle we made a trench where we put bone meal, blood meal and composted horse manure. Keeping the bed well weeded and frequent early morning watering yielded a nice harvest, as expected. Don't miss an opportunity to try these darlings of the garden. Enjoy!
Great onions!!! 
posted by Steve Marchetti on 2011-08-28 18:23:26
I ordered both Granex and 1015Y's (1 case of each) for planting in November. We had a great crop of jumbos that were a hit with our customers. Great prodcut and terrific service from Dixondale. Beaufort, SC
Great Onion 
posted by John Simpson on 2011-01-04 17:24:25
I have been buying Yellow Granex onions from Dixondale for some years. They have the greatest onions. After pull them form the ground I put my Granex in the freg. and we are still eating them in Jan. 2011.FATE,Texas
Every year - perfection 
posted by C. Steele on 2009-11-10 08:18:12
I've been buying Dixondale Farms onions for almost ten years now. Every year, I get a full crop that cures beautifully. Even the year I had hail and they looked like they'd been through a salad shooter, they recovered and I harvested every one! I'll NEVER change my supplier. See you in January, guys!
Another Great Year 
posted by Delwin Finch on 2008-05-09 12:42:51
This is my second year planting Yellow Granex onions from Dixondale and they are even better than last year! The sets arrived fresh and ready to go. I used the recommended fertilizer/fungicide combination from Dixondale and this increased my yield size tremendously. I now have onions the size of softballs. I highly recommend Dixondale Farms.