Treflan Herbicide Granules

Treflan Herbicide Granules

Now in a larger 4 lb bag for the same price as the 1 lb bag! The presence of weeds during crop establishment can greatly reduce yields because the onion is a very shallow-rooted crop and cannot compete very well for water and nutrients. Don't let weeds take over your onion crop! Treflan provides pre-emergent weed and grass control in your transplanted onion garden, and can also be used with most vegetable transplants and flower gardens. It prevents newly germinated weeds and grasses from getting established.

To use: Apply before transplanting to control obnoxious weeds such as lambsquarter, purslane, grasses, thistle, and pigweed. 4 lb bag will treat up to 4,800 sq. feet of planted area.

Order 2 or more for just $16.95 each!

Price: $17.95

Weight: 4 lbs


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