Texas Early White

Texas Early White

Winner of the 2012 Direct Gardening Association Green Thumb Award!

  • White, globe shape, sweet, open pollinated
  • Size Potential: 5"
  • Storage Potential: Approximately 2 months
  • Days to Harvest: 105

If you want a white onion that has a great reputation for ease of growing, flavor, and disease resistance, you should check out the Texas Early White. It actually won an award for the distinctions previously noted, the 2012 Direct Gardening Association "Green Thumb" award. These sweet, globe shaped, open-pollinated white onions are resistant to greening, bolting, and single centers. It also has a great pink-root tolerance. With correct growing conditions you should find yourself with a good yield of 5-6 inch bulbs at maturity. Harvest about 105 days from transplants, It is one of the most popular at farmers' markets! In 1974, several varieties of onions were grown to evaluate their adaptation to the tough South Texas environmental conditions. One of the yellow varieties that was evaluated was thrown out because it had a percentage of white bulbs. In the spring of 1975, several of these bulbs were planted and then evaluated for uniform maturity, resistance to greening, pink root tolerance, single centers, bolting resistance, and shelf life. Up until now there was only enough seed to grow this for large onion operations. Starting in 2013, we were able to produce the seed ourselves and home gardeners and small farmers gained access to this variety. Can be grown in intermediate day areas for an early white since it is a "late" short day onion.

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Customer Reviews of Texas Early White

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Super Sweet! Awesome Crop! 
posted by 3 Oaks Farm Westminster, SC on 2013-12-03 15:38:49
This onion grew quite well for us, and we have a waiting list for next year's onions. We planted 2 cases and had a great yield! They were very sweet and some even kept up to 6 months. Westminster, SC