Red Candy Apple

Red Candy Apple

  • Deep red, flattened globe shape, sweet, hybrid
  • Size Potential: 3"
  • Storage Potential: 2-3 months
  • Days to Harvest: 85-95

Red Candy Apple is absolutely the most beautiful red onion on the market. When planted in short and intermediate day areas it produces larger bulbs. It will not size to jumbo onions in long day areas. However, it will make a great red bulb to be sold early at the farmers' market in all areas. To produce larger bulbs in long day areas, push this onion along with additional nitrogen applications. Dixondale Farms' exclusive since we are the only ones with the rights to the seed. Stanley Farms in Vidalia, Ga is using this variety for their red Vidalia type onions. It is the sweetest variety available.

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Customer Reviews of Red Candy Apple

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Red Candy Apple 
posted by Nikki Johanson, Silverdale, WA on 2016-11-17 12:19:31
This is an incredibly wonderful red onion and it grows well in the Pacific North West! One of your customers in Silverdale talked me into growing it and it's the best red onion in the world! I'm ordering more this season. Silverdale, Washington
Great Onions 
posted by Joe, Orleans, Massachusetts on 2015-11-01 13:12:21
After trying the sampler, I went with Candy and Candy Apple this past year. Candy is a great variety, but doesn't really stand up to Candy Apple. A terrific tasting onion and excellent size in a long day area. These have a place in my garden each year! Needham, Ma
Sweet Bite! 
posted by Clio Fisher Massachusetts on 2015-01-21 21:16:47
Red Candy Apple grew lovely, red jewels that were sweet enough to eat out of hand. Many burgers and sandwiches were given some sparkle with slices of RCA. Groton, Ma
posted by Van,Rescue,California on 2015-01-15 17:34:57
Two years in a row, best onions ever, very satisfied with the Candy Reds, Thanks Dixondale Farms RESCUE, CALIFORNIA
Really Tasty! 
posted by Pamela Silver Spring, MD on 2014-01-22 08:33:19
I first grew all three of the Intermediate Day onions but went with all Red Candy Apple the year after. They are delicious! We mainly eat them raw and I like the flavor and bite better than Candy.Silver Spring, Md
Red Candy Onions 
posted by William Reich from Waxahachie, TX on 2013-10-15 10:04:47
I wanted to try the Red Candy onions along with the Texas Legend onions. I was somewhat disappointed in the Texas Legend, but the Red Candy onions were fantastic here in North Central Texas. I even took some of the onions, sliced them up and put them in my food dehydrator. When they were dried I chopped them up in a food processor to smaller pieces. Then I put these smaller pieces through the spice grinder to make onion powder. Worked very well. Thanks for great onion plants.
Excellent Producer 
posted by Mark in Indiana on 2013-09-02 23:29:33
Once again Dixondale Farms produces an excellent product. The flavor of these onions are second to none! Thanks Dixondale!Indiana
Candy onions 
posted by William finders on 2013-02-13 23:45:18
I have been growing the candy onions for 10 years now and have never had a bad year when planted at the proper time Last year I had over 3 dozen that were 2 pounds or better I grew the tropeas last year for the first time and my customers just loved them I'm doubling my order for them this year and ordering more candies too Love your plants keep up the good work You have a very loyal customer in me William Finders Finders farm Everton Missouri
Blue ribbons 
posted by Otis Watkins on 2012-12-13 14:23:39
We have grown these for the past 5 years and each time have won blue ribbons in the KY State Fair exhibits. Our customers love them.
Red candy flop 
posted by Donald Hudgens on 2012-08-17 16:14:10
These did horribly for me this year. I blame the weather more than anything. Almost all of them came out ping pong size. My regular candy's didn't do well either which were softball to baseball size last year. Not saying I won't try again but with record drought and heat it was a bad year.Wentzville, MO
posted by Mark in Indiana on 2012-07-22 22:17:40
We have grown onions for going on 30 years. This is an awesome, awesome, did I say awesome hamburger onion. The bulbs were all uniformly large and the taste is unbelievable. I also canned with them using the same recipes we have used for years and the taste is superb. 5 stars isn't enough. I wish I had planted more of them because we are hitting them hard. Mark in Indiana
pleasantly surprised 
posted by jenny on 2011-12-13 14:33:27
this was our first year to grow onions. we had a very rough spring (25 inches of rain in April) but these onions did fabulous. they tasted so good and kept very well. other people had discouraged us from growing onions but our experience with your onions will have us ordering again next year. Thanks!
Candy Red, the Best 
posted by Jon on 2011-10-30 19:41:34
This is the best red-onion I have ever grew (38 yrs of gardning). My friends, that I have given them to, also agree. It is sweet with just the right bite, grew to an average 3 3/4" dia, in UT. More will be planted next year!
Red Candy Apple 
posted by Chris LaVenture on 2010-02-12 12:09:27
This variety was absolutely superb for me. It was my tastiest onion as well as my best red storage variety. I love having bulbs of all sizes to use through the winter. The ones that didn't make a bulb were harvested and kept in my garage to use all winter as large green onions. Yum!
Very nice onions 
posted by Heidi on 2010-01-13 13:27:24
At first I was a little dissapionted in these onions. I thought they were too small, but once I tried them I changed my mind I thought they were wonderful, and as a bonus they went like hot cakes at the market. They are now one of my more popular onions with my customers. I still think Red Zepplin is sweeter but for market my customers liked the smaller size of these onions.Pleasant View, Colorado
Stockton Red vs Red Candy 
posted by Steve Salt on 2010-01-08 20:21:58
I have grown Dixondale onions for many years and was dismayed when Stockton Red disappeared (seed no long available?. But I decided to try its replacement (couldn't find Stockton Red Seed anywhere). Results of initial trials: Red Candy Apple is okay. But Stockton Red is better--larger, earlier, sweeter.MISSOURI
Requested by Customers 
posted by Martha Cole on 2009-11-13 09:50:32
I grow for a CSA and farmers markets. This is the first year I tried Red Candy Apple and my customers just loved it, asking for it by name all season long. They also loved the smaller sized bulb that our terrible growing conditions the summer of 2009 in NE provided. I will continue to grow this variety in my mix.
posted by Martha Teghtsoonian on 2009-10-01 12:23:38
What a disappointment! Red Candy was in no way a satisfactory replacement for Stockton. The latter was reliably sweet and a reasonable size. Red Candy produced very few medium-sized bulbs; most were very small. It was also rather hot. Please bring back Stockton.
Too Much Rain 
posted by Julie Taylor on 2009-08-18 17:37:08
I was disappointed to not have the opportunity to order Red Mars this year. We loved them last year. This summer in Kentucky we've had so much rain we're lucky to have any onions at all. Red Candy Apple grew large and sweet but none were keepers. In fact, all 4 varieties I grew had to be frozen or used immediately after harvest because of poor growing conditions. I'm hoping for a normal summer next year - and I'll try Red Candy Apple again!
Excelent Onion 
posted by Jack Duncan on 2009-08-17 12:41:34
For a red onion I was very pleased with production size and sweetness.
Red Candy Apple 
posted by Carol Kitch on 2009-08-15 00:18:37
We have been Dixondale costomers for around 15 years.On avverage we order 3000 onion plant of different varities every year.The Red Candy Apple are the best red onions we have ever planted.The average size of these yummy onions is 3 to 4 in. with a few going up to five.We most deffinetly will be ordering more next year.
Red Candy Apple 
posted by Carol Kitch on 2009-08-15 00:12:17
We have bought all of our onions from you for years and they have always been excelent.The Red Candy Apple are the best red onions we have ever planted. Better then the Red Mars that turned out hot last year.The Red Candy Apple will be our red onion choice from now on.
Red Candy Apple Onions 
posted by Jane Beitler on 2009-08-14 23:22:13
My red candy apple onions are doing great. They are making large, slightly flattened, crisp and very red onions. The flavor is strong with a little pungency but not too pungent. They cook extremely well, holding their body and color. They are thriving in a spot that is a little crowded.
Red Candy is Excellent 
posted by Jerome Long on 2009-08-14 14:54:15
I am in Southwest Virginia which is definitely intermediate day. Thus I was thrilled at the offering of Red Candy Apple. It did not disappoint and about half the bunch grew 3in beauties and a few 4in specifmens. The color and flavor are great. I will definitely grow it again. It matured about one week ahead of Candy which produced many 4in and a couple 5in.
Red Candy 
posted by Wendy & Michie Akin on 2009-08-14 14:31:33
The Red Candy onion is possibly the best we have ever grown; some even got a little bigger than the optimum 3 inches. All were sweet and delicious and are holding well past 3 months. We will double our order next year. Good job, Bruce!
Red Candy 
posted by Buck Nemitt on 2009-08-14 13:08:00
This is my 2ed. yr. ordering the variety bundle for my home garden.All 3 varities grew well and my wife is especially thrilled with the positive results of the Red Candy,we are useing it in salads,sandwiches and w/breakfast potatoes.I'll be glad to double my order next year.
Not up to expectations 
posted by Tim on 2009-08-04 15:50:20
This was my first year growing onions. I ordered the intermediate Day sampler. The White Super Stars and Yellow Candy Onions did great! The Red Candy Apple not so much. Only developed a small globe. Think I will skip the Red Candy Apple next year.