Long Day Sampler

Long Day Sampler

We took amounts of the most popular red, white, and yellow varieties—Redwing, Ringmaster, and Walla Walla—and planted them together. What we produce is a wonderful mixed assortment (approximately 5 dozen plants) that provides gardeners with limited space or who want to try some new varieties with an economical option. This combination is a unique offering that gives you a colorful collection of sweet and storage onions.

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Customer Reviews of Long Day Sampler

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posted by David Homer, AK on 2017-03-27 10:34:48
I have been ordering for three years. The first year was great with no problems, the second year year had many that were very small, and then last year one of the bunches was not close to 5 dozen plants. The company did not refund any of the purchase price but did replace them.
only two varieties 
posted by Anne in Pennsylvania on 2016-03-02 11:49:42
The long day sampler we received only contained two varieties, yellow sweet and white sweet. No storage or red onions were included. They grew well but only lasted a short time after harvest. Dixondale told me this lack of variety happens sometimes with the way the plants are planted and harvested. Don't count on getting a specific type of onion with this sampler.
great product! 
posted by mm 7b on 2015-10-30 02:43:31
first time growing onions - they were delicious! perfect - can't wait for 2016 season! West Long Branch, NJ
Great onions! 
posted by Doug, NE Illinois on 2014-10-28 17:11:40
This is my first run with Dixondale and I will definitely be returning. I ordered late last year and the sample packs were among the last available. I planted all 3 varieties in the same beds and all 3 produced terrific onions. All of the plants were healthy and growing quickly. VERY happy with the product and will be back for more!
Laurie-small business owner 
posted by Laurie Boyd on 2014-10-26 01:05:55
When you try a new business, it is always hard. How is their product? What if I don't like it? Well, 3 years ago Dixondale Farms was new for me. A friend recommended them and I've been with them ever since. They have excellent products and shipping is easy. My customer's rave about the taste and size of their onions. That's what I need to hear! Although, I haven't had to go through their customer service, but I suspect that would be high quality also.
gardener for 60 yrs 
posted by Dave Nobis on 2014-09-12 16:09:59
First time growing Onions from Dixondale Farms. Biggest and best onions I have ever had. My second time on growing leeks- First time from Dixondale Farms-Wow, what Leeks. I will be a steady customer from now on.-Detroit Lakes, MN
Excellent onion mix 
posted by Sarah, SW Montana on 2014-08-16 17:12:07
I didn't lose a single one of these onion sets this season. No disease or pest issues, and the onions were all tennis ball size or larger, which I was pretty happy with since this was my first year growing onions. The bulbs all waited until mid-July to begin really growing, but after that they took off. Will definitely buy again next year! Bozeman, MT
Nice variety 
posted by A Odell Central Illinois on 2014-07-26 00:43:40
This sampler provided a nice variety of onions for fresh use and storage. We planted a bunch of Copra along with them for longer term storage. Nice sized bulbs and colorful, tasty varieties. Made excellent onion rings! Will plant again next year. Avon, Il
3 Variety sampler is literally mixed and small 
posted by Sharon Geleta on 2014-04-11 10:28:33
I expected the 3 varieties in the sampler to arrive in 3 separate min-bundles, labeled with their name, so I could plant each variety separately and know which variety was which, 'mixed' to me meaning the 3 minis are combined in one bundle. I also expected normal full size plants. I received one bunch literally mixed all 3 varieties together, not labeled and they're the tiniest wisps of plants. I will use a tweezer to try to pull the plants apart to plant they're so small. Customer service said I should be able to tell white from yellow but I can't, although I can see the red ones. She explained they literally mix the 3 seed varieties all together in the same hopper to be planted totally mixed together. Gee, I wish they'd said that on their website because I would not have purchased. If you don't mind them all together, great, this will suit you, but if you want or expect things organized, a sampler is not! She said there's a 30 day guarantee so if these tiny plants don't grow I can contact them again. As a first time customer with Dixondale, I'll be more cautious in the future. The Cobras I bought seem ok, are bundled together and labeled, although a lot are wispy small as well but there's enough normal size ones I think we'll be ok.
Can't Wait !!! 
posted by Gerry Freed on 2013-05-02 12:25:51
Looking Forward to Planting and Harvesting
Long day sampler 
posted by Gretchen Columbus, Ohio on 2013-04-10 20:42:10
I planted the sampler on a raised bed. All 3 varieties did wonderful. Great bulb size and flavor! Columbus, Ohio
hit and miss 
posted by Cameron on 2012-10-09 02:53:02
I planted the three different onions from the sampler at the same time, in the same bed, with the same fertilizer. The Walla Walla did great. The Redwings formed very dense but rather small bulbs--but great flavor. The Ringmasters bolted early and were golfball size. But I might be to blame: I stopped the fertilizer regime too soon. Will try again next year.
posted by Bobbe on 2011-11-30 04:58:14
Way to use the interent to help people solve problems!
Great ! 
posted by Darcy on 2011-02-24 11:24:25
I have really enjoyed the success i have had with Dixondale onions in the past several years. i have limited space and usually get the sampler mixes. Last year the red onions in the long-day sampler seemed to stay very small and the tops died off early. I am not sure why...trying it again this year.I love using the green tops and small onions all summer while looking forward to the bigger ones in the fall. Thanks Dixondale Farms!
Love it 
posted by Dan on 2009-11-19 13:37:52
Love the sweet sampler! Planted 120 plants last year. Yellow spanish grew fast and mars slowest. All were baseball size or larger. Most were softball size. Can't wait to plant more this year, neighbors love onions as gifts they kept asking for more.
Long Day Sampler 
posted by Dan McNamee on 2009-03-07 19:36:03
The plants arived in great shape. I grew them in a row between my tomato plants with tremendous results. I ordered an additional set for 2009. Very satisfied with the product which is also very reasonably priced.