Onion Nitrogen Feed - Ammonium Sulfate - 12 lb.

Onion Nitrogen Feed - Ammonium Sulfate - 12 lb.

21-0-0 provides a high source of nitrogen which is what onions need to generate more foliage and therefore more rings and larger bulbs.

Directions: Apply first application 3 weeks after planting, then continue every 2-3 weeks. Sprinkle 1 cup per 20 feet of row. Apply when tops of onions are dry. Once the neck starts feeling soft do not apply any more fertilizer (approximately 4 weeks prior to harvest). Always water immediately after feeding and maintain moisture during the growing season. Onions need more water closer to harvest.

12 lb. bag will treat 560 ft. of row.

Price: $39.90

Weight: 12 lbs


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About 10-20-10 fertilizer 
posted by Jack Compton on 2011-02-11 14:58:51
In the past I've found 10-20-10 to be the best fertlizer for all of my crops including corn and tomatoes especially. Last year I did a test of other fertilizers including Miracle-Gro on different garden patches. 10-20-10 produced the best crops yields grown under the exact same conditions. When tested on flowers it proved superior on them also. I'm sold on 10-20-10.
posted by Bob on 2011-01-14 12:01:25
I've used many root crop ferts. This has given my plants the best results. Works great on garlic too.FISHERS, IN