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Our 2017 onion plant season has come to a close!

If you have growing questions or concerns, we are available year-round to help in any way we can. We wish you a great rest of your growing season and look forward to the 2017-2018 onion plant season.

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All About Onions

Selecting Onion Plant Varieties

The size of the onion bulb is dependent upon the number and size of the green leaves or tops at the time of bulbing. For each leaf, there will be a ring of onion. The larger the leaf, the larger the ring will be when the carbohydrates from the leaves are transferred to the rings of the bulb. The triggering of this transfer or bulbing is dependent upon daylength and temperature and not the size or age of the plants. When selecting your onion varieties, remember that the further north you are, the more hours of daylight you have during the summer.

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Selection: We offer the largest selection of varieties of anyone in the market. No matter where you live or what type of onion you want, we will have a variety right for your area. If you plant the wrong variety it doesn't matter how hard you take care of your crop, it will not produce satisfactorily.

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